Equipment Breakdown

Homeowner Endorsement Program

Homeowners Insurance Policy

Our equipment breakdown policy endorsement adds coverage for all electrical and mechanical appliances for residential and commercial customers.

Homeowner coverage includes heating and cooling systems, pools and spas, computers, flat-screen TVs and home theaters, as well as tractors, mowers, snow blowers and more.

Commercial coverage includes equipment for restaurants, farms, specialized medical diagnostic equipment, and much more.

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Details on the Equipment Breakdown

Homeowner Endorsement Program

  • $50,000 per equipment breakdown per occurrence
  • $3,000 per occurrence sub-limits for expediting, spoilage and pollutant cleanup and removal
  • Deductible - $500 per equipment breakdown occurrence
  • Structure - We provide the endorsement (and filing assistance) which is backed by a 100% reinsurance agreement.
  • No minimum premium or penetration requirements
  • Substantial commission / revenue sharing formulas
  • Profit-sharing agreement
  • Claims handling - Our reinsurer gives each new client two claims handling options. They can: 1) Assist the clients claims department "behind the scenes," or 2) Step in directly to settle the EQBD claim with the policyholder.
  • The program includes implementation, training, and marketing assistance.