Personal ID Theft continues to be a serious threat as the steady stream of data breaches and hacking schemes puts everyone at risk.

What Insight Offers

Insight offers several ID Theft product options to fit different needs and price points. We offer applications to:

  • Insurance companies wishing to offer ID theft recovery and expense reimbursement services as an endorsement to a homeowners insurance policy. Insight reinsures the exposure 100%.
  • Corporations that wish to offer it as part of an HR employee benefit package* (either paid by the company or available for voluntary purchase). This helps to eliminate serious distractions to key emplolyees.
  • Associations, affinity groups and membership groups that wish to offer it as part of their member benefits package.

*Our program is a valuable employee benefit that increases employee loyalty. It eliminates the threat of severe distractions to employees who are trying to recover from an ID Theft on their own. It provides an extra layer of security for company data that can be accessed by employees on their own PCs, tablets, and smart phones. It also gives peace of mind for employees and their families.

ID Theft is rampant and showing no signs of slowing down. Everyone should have coverage to prevent, detect and recover from the theft of their identity. 

We can tailor an ID Theft program to meet your needs, from a basic Recovery and Expense Reimbursement program to a Total Protection package that includes the following:

  • Identity verification
  • Monitoring of "black market" internet sites where identities are routinely bought and sold
  • ID theft insurance - up to $1,000,000
  • Access to a professional ID theft coach who will step in and act on the victim's behalf to recover their identity
  • Account takeover alerts
  • Lost wallet protection
  • Social Security monitoring
  • Monitoring of address changes - an early sign of an ID fraud
  • Mobile app
  • Three bureau credit monitoring services with quarterly updates
  • Keyboard encryption software package
  • ID vault password protections
  • Public records monitoring
  • Protection for the identities of children.