Insight also offers the following programs for you to offer to your customers

  • Pet Health Insurance

    As veterinary science continues to expand and more treatment options become available, consumers are now spending more than ever to care for their pets. We provide insurance programs that cover household pets (dogs and cats) with plan options that run from basic (accident coverage only) to comprehensive that includes accident, wellness, and illness. Call us for details.

  • Driving While Distracted Prevention

    Distracted driving is a huge problem in the United States, and prevention messages have had very limited effect. Consumers will still reach for their phones while driving all too often with tragic consequences. Insight has access to several different software programs that disable cell phones while in a moving vehicle. This is a product that every parent should install on the cell phones of their children. Pricing is extremely affordable and the product is very easy to install and monitor. This program is also a terrific solution for commercial vehicle fleets of all types. If it prevents one serious accident, the product will have paid for itself.

  • ATM Protection

    This "add-on" program is designed to protect customers using any ATM. It provides coverage for accidental death, hospital indemnity benefit, emergency assistance and reimbursement for funds stolen in a robbery or fraudulent withdrawal of stored funds on a mobile device.

  • College Tuition Benefit

    This is another "add-on" program that is designed to increase customer loyalty and program persistency. Customers receive points that are redeemable in the form of discounts at selected colleges and universities throughout the country. These points can be accumulated quickly to ease the burden of college tuition at no cost to the consumer. Think of this benefit as a loyalty reward. As long as consumers maintain the program that this is attached to, the points continue to grow.

  • Homeowner Benefit Packages

    We offer a product menu that can be added to any program offering. Benefits include:

    • Home locksmith / home lock out coverage / homeowner glass coverage
    • Homeowners and automobile insurance deductible reimbursement coverage
    • Roadside assistance
    • Auto repair expert hotline
    • Price guarantees / purchase protection
    • Travel insurance / trip cancellation / lost luggage
  • Automobile and Powersports Warranty Program

    Insight can provide you with access to warranty service contracts for new and used cars and recreational powersports equipment such as: 

    • Recreational vehicles
    • Snowmobiles
    • Jet skis
    • ATVs
    • Motorcycles and more.
  • Animal Liability Insurance

    Are you a homeowner's insurance company losing business because you are forced to exclude certain dog breeds? Or are you an agency looking for a market for excluded pets designated as hazardous? Insight has the solution.

    We can provide coverage for animal liability either as a 100% reinsured endorsement or a standalone animal liability policy.