What We Do

Great ideas are useless without a plan to put them into practice.

At Insight we not only generate new ideas, we also work very closely with our clients to make them happen. This starts with a solid implementation plan, followed by a carefully thought out marketing strategy. 

We offer each new client:

  • Program orientation
  • Training webinars
  • Website content
  • Marketing materials
  • Proven sales strategies

There is no sense in letting any great idea go to waste

Although many of our programs are insurance related and offered as an add-on endorsement to a homeowner's or small business policy, many others are offered to affinity groups, associations, benefit brokers and other membership groups as standalone service agreements. Either way, our programs are very popular with consumers looking for protection from new exposures.

The products we offer give our clients the ability to broaden the scope of service to their customers, while generating sizable new revenues through the commissions and overrides built into each product.


In each and every case, our service providers assume the responsibility for all of the administration and claims handling, so there’s little to no underwriting risk, and a very smooth process to implement any of the programs we offer.


Our marketing team has the experience it takes to match our products to your needs.


We encourage you to look over the listing of the programs we offer to see which product may be a good complement your products and services.