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emerging exposures

The Benefits We Offer to Our Clients

Insight works for you. We design, market, and launch cutting edge products and service programs with each of our client companies.

Our programs and service providers deliver a strong response to many new emerging exposures. We don't sell to consumers; we give our clients the ability to seamlessly offer these new products to their customers.

Whether you're an Association/Affinity Group, Insurance Company, Direct Marketing Firm, Membership Group, Benefit Broker or a Human Resources Professional, we have a product or service that will fit your needs.

And, at Insight, we're always looking for the next product, so if you have a need for a new product let us know. We'll do our best to create a solution for you.

Insight Specialty Programs can help grow your business

Our programs will provide you with a strong response to new exposures, a way to differentiate your brand, increase customer loyalty, and create a new source of revenue.

We Collaborate From Concept To Launch

We're not successful unless you are. We're not just your product source, we also assist in training and product marketing strategies. We work very closely with each new client to ensure that our programs meet everyone's expectations.


  • Exposures to cyber crime are very real, and very serious. No company, big or small, is immune. 


    Statistics show that 43% of cyberattacks target small businesses, causing an average loss of $32,000. 


    Sixty percent of uninsured cyber victims do not recover. 


    And traditional insurance policies generally do not cover cyber incidents.

    Insight can easily provide insurance companies and insurance marketers with a competitive and comprehensive Cyber Liability Insurance package program that can be offered to your agents and their customers.


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  • Personal ID Theft continues to be a serious threat to all individuals and the steady stream of data breach and hacking schemes has put everyone at risk. News reports state that the Equifax breach alone exposed information on 140 million people.


    Insight offers several ID Theft products to fit different needs and price points. Coverage can be offered several ways:

    • To an insurance company as an endorsement to a Homeowners policy. We reinsure the exposure 100%.
    • As a standalone product that can be added to an HR Employee Benefits package (company paid or voluntary purchase) or Association Membership Benefit package. 

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  • When it comes to mechanical and electrical equipment, one thing is certain: Sooner or later they will break down. And these breakdowns are not covered by traditional homeowners insurance policies.


    Insight offers an equipment breakdown endorsement to enable insurance companies to provide their homeowner and commercial policyholders with coverage for electrical and mechanical equipment breakdown.

    • Homeowner coverage includes heating and cooling systems, pools and spas, computers, flat-screen TVs and home theaters, as well as tractors, mowers, snow blowers and more.
    • We can also cover many types of commercial accounts, including equipment for restaurants, farms, specialized medical diagnostic equipment, and much more.

    If you are an insurance company looking for a way to offer this coverage without assuming the direct underwriting risk, this is a great solution. These endorsements are each reinsured 100% by an A-rated insurance company including a substantial ceding commission.


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  • Insight offers service contract options for homes and home appliances. Our warranty service agreement programs will provide your customers with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their homes and appliances are covered for mechanical breakdown.


    We have product options covering the whole home or selected home appliances. Covered systems and appliances include:

    • Home heating, cooling, and plumbing systems
    • Major appliances
    • Septic systems
    • Electrical systems.

    We also have warranty service agreement programs available for laptop computers, tablets, and cell phones.


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    • Pet Health Insurance
    • Driving While Distracted Prevention
    • ATM Fraud Protection
    • College Tuition Benefit
    • Homeowner Benefit Package
    • Automobile & Powersports Warranty Programs
    • Animal Liability Insurance

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